Trade Agreement With Pitax

20 years ago, I started creating a HOMEBREW RPG with percentile capabilities (like Rolemaster) and 2D10 cubes for chance. It was very inspired by Rolemaster, because I had infinite roles for critics and fumbles (very little chance of rolling 18 degrees to criticize which means only 4% chance of rolling again and adding the result (and adding 4% and subtracting the result naturally). as well as projects. If a problem ends in an error or is ignored, it reduces your stats. The success of a sales event increases your values and generally does not affect them if the result is an error or is ignored. That has been a concern for me since I heard about it. Back before we even have beta tests going on, I was worried that the game timeline would be too short for the type of construction of the AP realm, and I liked it. If I really play this game, I`ll probably grab this mod or another similar one. Right now I`m busy working and with the regular fix I thought I was waiting until December gives it time to settle down a bit and I have a break. From the second act, it becomes clear that Pitax is his opponent.

To think that they will offer a fair trade agreement is very optimistic. Defeat Vordakai at Vordakai`s grave in the 4th act with Tristain in your party. I`m on my second game; and after learning a lot about how the game works (and now with less harmful bug loads)… Take care of the crazy clergy of Nethys at the Tower of Candlemere during the 2nd Quest: The Curse of Candlemere. They are supported by the Lord of the Sword and enter into a trade agreement with their enemies, and a war looms? Maybe if you offered La Surtova`s guy as a consultant. And then you have to discount it the way you change pages (I don`t know if this option is available). Regional claims and upgrades cost 25% less. This stacks up with the project: Simple requirement. Admittedly, I played on „simple” Kingdom Management; But I landed with this kingdom just before the beginning of Nyrissa`s house. The key elements were the prioritization of all quests that arose (especially the main story quests) as quickly as possible.

I landed with nearly 450 days „only” reich period (interrupted by the last Hilltop event about 150 days before having 300 days before the final). On the axis of the Good Evil: `3, to resolve situations with the regent for a kingdom with good orientation; @Rhaeg In my view, some of the trade agreements are not intended to be concluded, unless you want to take some of the paths involved. Let them continue with the support of the day before: Loyalty -5, Economy `4` and Stability `3 Each event has a level of difficulty. To successfully resolve the event, the advisor must ride a higher number than the difficulty level of the event. The councillor`s postal capacity is added to the roll of the dice. Realm`s statistics, for which the consultant is responsible, add an additional 2 points per rank to each role. This role occurs when the event is dissolved. In rare cases, an advisor may reduce or increase the difficulty level of an event by a few points, such as the Grand Diplomat for the Tragedy At The Mine event. This is represented by the fact that the top left corner of the advisor`s card is highlighted in green (to reduce the difficulty level) or in red (to increase the difficulty level) on the advisor`s selection screen.

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