Which Group Was Unhappy About The Peace Agreement Between The Pakistani Government And The Taliban

The Fund would receive hundreds of millions of pounds of international aid, which the government hopes will fund roads, clinics and schools to curb extremism in the troubled region. „They want an agreement with the Taliban to be implemented quickly and without delay, and government officials in Kabul were also told that the agreement would be implemented [despite their opposition],” he said. Iran. Shiite-majority Iran has long regarded the Taliban, a Sunni group, as an enemy, especially since it has received support from its Iranian rivals, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In 2001, Iran accepted U.S. efforts to overthrow the Taliban and supported the Afghan government. In the meantime, Iranian leaders have recognized that the Taliban will retain some power in Afghanistan and have therefore begun to work to improve relations. Drug trafficking from Afghanistan via Iran and opium dependence in Iran are problems in relations between the two countries. On 30 July, the TTP announced that the Al Qaeda-affiliated group The so-called Punjabi amjad Farouqi Taliban had been included in its faction. The TTP Urdu statement did not mention how many fighters belonged to the return group. However, experts point out that the agreement between the government of U.S.

President Donald J. Trump and Taliban leaders is only the first step toward a lasting peace. The biggest challenge, they say, will be negotiating an agreement between the Islamist fundamentalist group and the Afghan government on the future of Afghanistan. Many Afghans, exhausted by a war that has killed thousands of people and forced millions to flee, fear that a U.S. withdrawal could trigger new conflicts and ultimately allow the Taliban to regain control. Does Islamabad win by reaching an agreement between the United States and the Taliban? Hafiz Gul Bahadar, whose group is hiding in the North Waziristan tribal district, could also join the TTP. In 2006, he signed a peace agreement with the Pakistani government, which was renewed in 2008. However, in May 2014, he renes the agreement by accusing the Pakistani government of launching airstrikes in North Waziristan.

Last week, the United States announced that the strikes were spreading. Two attacks on the network of Pakistani leader Baitullah Mahsud in the past 10 days have left dozens dead. This is the first time that drones, which have recently been headquartered in Pakistan, have met militant groups that focus not on NATO troops or their allies in Afghanistan, but on Pakistan. Mahsud is suspected of organising the murder of Benazir Bhutto in December 2007. However, for the majority of leaders and political parties established in Afghanistan, Pakistan`s role is imposed on you against their will, as is the case with the Afghan Taliban.

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