Wwe Saudi Arabia Agreement

The kingdom will also revive sports channel KSA Sports, according to GSA, which tweeted that an agreement was signed between al-Sheikh and the executive director of Radio and Television Corporation, Dawood al-Sherian, on Monday. Payment of the invoice was made shortly after the end of the quarter, according to a source who paved the way for the announcement of the agreement on events announced monday. The deal means Saudi wrestling fans will enjoy a series of WWE events, including their famous „Royal Rumble” and „Raw title” events. Forward-Looking States: This press release contains forward-looking statements, in accordance with the provisions of the Safe Harbor Act 1995, that are subject to various risks and uncertainties. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the risks associated with the conclusion, maintenance and renewal of important distribution agreements and events; WWE Network (including the risk that we will not be able to attract, maintain and renew subscribers); We must continue to develop creative and entertaining programs and events; the possibility of a decline in the popularity of our sports entertainment brand; The continued importance of Vincent K. McMahon`s major service providers and services; Possible negative changes in the scope of regulations and related private sector initiatives; the highly competitive, rapidly changing and increasingly fragmented nature of the markets in which we operate, as well as the increase in financial resources or the presence in the market of many of our competitors; uncertainties related to international markets, including potential disruptions and reputational risks; our difficulty or inability to promote and organize our live events and/or other businesses if we do not comply with the rules in force; our dependence on our intellectual property rights, our need to protect these rights and the risks of our violation of the intellectual property rights of others; The complexity of our rights agreements beyond distribution mechanisms and geographic areas; possible essential liability in the event of an accident or injury that occurred during our physically distressing events, including, but not only, injury claims; major public events and travel to and from such events; our feature film company; our expansion into new or complementary companies and/or strategic investments; Our computer systems and online operations; Data protection standards and rules a possible decline in general economic conditions and disruptions in financial markets; Our requirements our debt, including our convertible bonds; Litigation our potential inability to meet market expectations for our financial performance, which could have a negative impact on our business; Vincent K. McMahon exercises control of our affairs and his interests may conflict with the holders of our Class A common shares; a considerable number of shares are involved in the sale by the McMahons, and the sale or perception of possible sales of these shares could cause our share price to fall; volatility of our Class A common shares. In addition, our dividend depends on a number of factors, including our historical and projected liquidity and cash flow, a strategic plan (including alternative uses of capital), our financial results and conditions, contractual and legal restrictions on dividend payments (including our revolving credit facility), general and competitive economic conditions, and other factors that our Board of Directors may consider relevant. The Company`s forward-looking statements relate only to the date and may be amended without the company`s obligation to update or revise them. These statements should not be exaggerated. For more information on the risks and uncertainties associated with the company`s business, see management`s „Discussion and Analysis of Financial Status and Business Results” and „Risk Factors” for the company`s SEC bids, including

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